Globular Engineering and Consultancy Network

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We serve in Engineering and Consultancy together.


1.Construction, modification, repairing, alteration, removal, redecoration, redesigning, enlarging, improving and designing of civil/Mechanical/ Electrical works.

2. Building for whatever use, streets, bridges, tunnels, earth works, sewers, tanks, drains, sewage, light houses, towers, transmission towers, pipe lines, under ground cables, stock yards, culverts.

3. Prepare estimates ,designs, plants specifications.

4. To build, alter, maintain, enlarge, remove or replace, manage and control any buildings, offices, factories, mills, shops, machinery.

5. Erection , Fabrication, Construction and Maintenance of facilities, equipment etc. 


Consultancy Services in design, Safety etc.

An effective protection concept may succeed or fail depending largely on the level of professional consulting and planning. Our fire protection specialists survey the building, the terrain or the construction plans at the site itself. They identify any deficiencies in respect of fire protection and then prepare appropriately tailored fire protection conceptual designs.

 We offers the installation of fire protection systems: we offer a fully comprehensive service.